Pain Management Physician

Why Seek Out A Pain Management Physician?

Is pain making it difficult to get around let alone enjoy all that life has to offer? If playing with your kids or going for your weekend run is impossible because of pain then let Dr. Ali Nairizi and his pain management team at Reno Tahoe Pain Associates help you.

Here at Reno Tahoe Pain Associates, we focus on delivering a multidisciplinary approach to treating and managing your pain. There are many conditions and injuries that can lead to pain, and the way we treat your pain is as unique as the pain you’re experiencing; simply put, there isn’t one treatment that can fix all forms of pain. Whether you are dealing with moderate bouts of pain or persistent, debilitating symptoms our pain management physician Dr. Nairizi can provide you with the comprehensive treatment plan and care you need to lead a pain-free life.

Our pain management team addresses different kinds of pain from joint pain and neuropathy to cancer-related pain and headaches. We specialize in evaluating, diagnosing and treating the source of your pain. We also recognize that it’s not just about treating the symptoms alone but determining the source of your pain and treating the underlying problem.

Treating pain can be challenging, especially if you are trying to do it on your own. If you are experiencing chronic pain this may require a more in-depth and detailed treatment plan that provides very particular interventions and treatments that only someone like our pain management physician and anesthesiologist can deliver.

We offer a variety of leading diagnostic tools such as EMG/nerve testing and bone scans right here in our office, making it possible for our team to determine the cause of your pain as quickly as possible. Many patients come to us because at-home care and other treatment options just haven’t been enough.

During your consultation, Dr. Nairizi will go through your detailed medical history as well as ask questions about the symptoms you are experiencing. From there, he will determine which diagnostic tests (e.g. MRI scans) will need to be performed to help us rule out certain conditions. After the tests have been performed we will need to analyze the results before determining the best course of action.

In some cases, additional testing is necessary in order to reach a definitive diagnosis. After your consultation, you should understand what is causing your pain and the ways in which our team can help you manage and treat it.

If you are suffering from chronic pain it’s time to get control over your symptoms to improve your health and quality of life. The team at Reno Tahoe Pain Associates can help. Call us today at (775) 384-1127 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali Nairizi.