Can Exercising Help My Back Pain?

Having back pain does not necessarily mean that you can’t work out. In fact, exercising can provide relief from back pain by making your core muscles stronger. It might likewise help prevent back pain. Before starting any exercise program, however, it’s best to consult with your doctor here at Reno Tahoe Pain Associates in Reno, NV, Dr. Ali Nairizi, to ensure that you don’t make your back pain worse.

Back Pain and Safe Exercises

Working out regularly and eating right can help offset the damage that leads to back pain. As people get older, the intervertebral disks in the back and the vertebra structure itself tend to lose height and dry out. This gradual wear and tear can be accelerated by inactivity, excess weight, a poor diet, poor bone and muscle health, as well as smoking.

That being said, there are various exercises and activities that you can try incorporating into the workout plan that will keep you active and fit while safeguarding your back and offering pain relief. These include:

  • Low-Impact Activities and Sports. Try things that won’t pressure your back and sports with zero risks of injury or impact. These can include walking, biking, swimming, and using aerobic machines. Always warm-up before exercising.
  • Take Advantage of The Exercise Ball. A lot of individuals find working out with a huge exercise ball very helpful when working the core muscles. Simply sitting on the ball as you work your upper body with weights could be enough to activate more of your muscle tissue.

Avoiding Overdoing It

It’s critical to note that it’s not common for muscles to stay sore or become sorer for more than two days following a workout or physical activity. In this case, your muscle tissues weren’t actually challenged, but injured, due to training to aggressively. This warrants a checkup with your doctor in Reno, NV. If you feel this way after exercising, stop, and assess to determine how you’re overdoing it.

When you have back pain, listening to your body cues when exercising is key. After working out, you should ideally feel a bit tired, but you should feel good overall because of the challenge.

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